SmartLeader Diagnostics

I understand that the ISL Team Dynamic Profiler™ was developed by, and is the intellectual property of the Institute for Strategic Leadership. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, and by accessing this ISL Team Dynamic Profiler™ app site, I agree to the following: I agree not to forward the URL link to any other person or organisation and will take precautions to ensure this ISL Team Dynamic Profiler™ is not accessed by others who are not team members of the [team] unless agreed by the director of the Institute in writing. I agree not to copy (manually or electronically) any information, pages, content, graphics (including but not limited to the ISL WIRED-UP CLASSIFICATIONS™ type table). I will report to the Institute for Strategic Leadership any observed or known breaches of the conditions listed above. I will read and adhere to the ethical considerations, that protect me and my colleagues privacy.

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